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Strategic Corporate Real Estate

For what can you engage CRE & MORE?

Have you concluded that your real estate no longer meets your organizational objectives and are you wondering what housing your organization will need. Do you further note that a study does not fit into your already busy schedule or that you simply need professional support to investigate which options there are? CRE & More helps you develop real estate scenarios, create business cases and draw up reports / presentations that lead to the approval of your plans.

There is a good chance that this will also lead to the adjustment or drafting of a real estate strategy. CRE & More is also behind you to prepare suitable policy frameworks and a housing process for you and your organization.

Through a consultancy or interim assignment, CRE & MORE helps define the strategic goals that add value to the company's results, including the following focus areas:

Fit for purpose


Housing that supports the business goals. Consider: the location, types of real estate (offices, warehouses, shipping, production) and furnishing. And also real estate that contributes to efficient and effective business operations.

Health & Wellbeing


A healthy, trusted and safe workplace that connects to modern forms of work such as, agile, activity-based and time & place independent working. A place where employees enjoy working and are therefore more productive

Value for money


Housing that maximally contributes to the financial result. Either by optimizing or preventing costs, or by generating income with solutions for vacancy.



As a minimum, one must comply with legislation in this area, such as EPA labels and the EED. The aim is to get housing and a working environment that are derived from the desired sustainability goals of the organization. This can be achieved by making the CSR policy of the organization a pillar of the housing policy.

Big Data and Data visualisation


An optimally designed digital environment that matches the existing and desired business processes, infrastructure and management information systems. Real estate data are recorded, converted into meaningful information and visualized. Deciding becomes easier and is done on the basis of facts;

Strengthen image


Housing and a work environment that match the desired image of the organization and the expectations of employees and customers. This can be achieved by making the core activities, the core values, the corporate identity and the corporate culture visible in the housing.

CRE & MORE would like to support and inspire you with your corporate real estate plans.

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