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Many providers work in the field of management and organization advice.

CRE & More stands-out from the other advisors due to a few strengths:

  • Company-wide and international experience in a number of departments like Operations, Finance, Customer Services & Support, Consulting, Customer Education, Sales, Marketing and of course Real Estate.
  • Co-operation with business management and supporting functions in the organization like e.g. HR, ICT and Legal
  • The approach of the advice trajectory whereby CRE & More will take a holistic view of the organization's strategic direction.

This broad experience also assures a deep understanding of each business individually and how they collectively support the business process and the business purpose.
CRE & More is also distinguished by the way they approach an advisory process.

During the information phase we will first look at what the status quo is and what the current ideas are regarding the future state.
Since it is very likely that CRE & More is initially engaged through Real Estate and/or Facility Management, the work will start here, but we will always look at how CRE/FM supports, strengthens and affects the strategic business goals.

In the bespoke offer this will also be given considerable attention so the effectiveness of the assignment is maximized.

During the implementing CRE & More definitively wants to continue the cooperation with the company management so that the final completion of the contract will be to the satisfaction of the entire organization, will be supported by all and that this clearly yields (predefined  and agreed) profits: either in the shape of lower costs, increased sales, employee satisfaction, improved appearance of the property or a more effective and more efficient CRE/FM organization.

As part of the evaluation of the assignment, we will of course circle-back to the initially set goals and determine whether we were able to surpass these.

In summary, a holistic view of the entire business must lead to a fully functioning RE/FM department and an appropriate housing solution.
Some components that contribute to this are:

Portfolio Management

Corporate Social Responsibility applied in CRE and FM

Merger & Acquisition

Shaping the CRE/FM organization

Mirroring and mentoring

Determine forms of cooperation with other business units like eg IT, HR, Marketing
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