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Determine forms of cooperation with:

  1. The company management
    • Sparring partner of senior management;
    • Understand the core business five - year planning of the organization;
    • Business and its impact on housing;
    • Presenting business cases with alternatives and financial implications;
    • Advice on site selection;
    • Provide advice on buy vs. rent;
    • Advice on office appearance and its impact on employees, competition, customers and partners.
  2. IT
    • Office can not function without IT infrastructure and IT can not exist without space, cabling and the like;
    • Selection and implementation of software tools for CRE / FM data processing, analysis , dashboards. Or integration with existing ERP systems.
  3. HR
    • Office has a clear function in attracting and retaining staff, health and safety legislation and overall feeling of comfort and provide a safe environment for employees to work in.
  4. Finance
    • Every Real Estate and Facilities decision has financial implications, making NPV, business cases and cash flows.
  5. Marketing
    • The office is a marketing tool. Placing advertising in, on and around the building, branding expressions such as advertising and promotional materials as well as color schemas.
  6. Legal
    • Reviewing lease agreements, both existing and new.
  7. Corporate security
    • Physical safety (including emergency response teams, fire alarm, sprinkler system, etc.), but also access control (turnstiles, studio to produce access cards with or without photo)
  8. Third parties
    • Help make the decision of in-house versus outsourcing;
    • If outsourcing, which components and to what level (operational, tactical, strategic);
    • If outsourcing, what form (management organization, billing relationships, co -ownership ;
    • Setting up management of 3rd parties, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or rather Key Service Indicators (KSIs).