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With around 4,500 dedicated employees, Enexis Group works every day on the stability and reliability of the energy infrastructure and the future of energy. Enexis Group thus stimulates, coordinates, facilitates and finances initiatives and uses its knowledge, skills and strength to speed up the energy transition. Enexis Group thus makes a sustainable energy supply possible.

The FM & Real Estate department contributes in an innovative way to the objectives and ambitions of the organization by realizing appropriate and surprising housing and mobility solutions together with the internal client.
FM is responsible for Facility matters, mobility and real estate. It is a managing-organization that, together with partners, supports the entire organization.

March 2022 Enexis asked to advice and guide finding a new location for the department Herinzet.
This assignmenet entails: Together with end-users find a new location that meets all requirements of the spacial, functional and financial requirements. Assess feasibility, asure corporate compliance, have design sketches created and organise reporting both to steering committee as the Board. The assignment ends when a suitable location has been selected and a projectmanager is hired who will be responsible for the execution fase.

Between September 2015 and March 2021 I have supported the FM & Real Estate department with their Long Term Location Policy.
Because the company launched a new strategy in 2017, in 2018 I mainly participated in re-assessing that strategy to update the existing housing policy. This has resulted in a new policy called Location Policy 2030.

The execution of the activities with regard to (re) housing routes are organized as a program.

As a program coordinator, I reported to the Location Policy program manager, I was part of the program team and worked with the program team members and the end users.

Within this assignment I was responsible for:

  • Organizational project phases for the relocation projects from initiation to realization;
  • Establishment of decision-making documents for the various relocation projects;
  • Contracting project managers, interior architects, installation consultants, etc. in accordance with Enexis policy and general (tender) legislation;
  • Timely delivery of preliminary reports for the various stakeholders;
  • Project control and output monitoring of defined realization projects;
  • Linking pin between steering committee(s) and project teams;
  • Delegated principal to alle project members.