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Hospice Heuvelrug is a certified "High Care" hospice and provides a welcoming home to terminally ill people with a limited life expectancy, for whom living at home is no longer possible. The hospice wants them together with their neighbors, provide a safe and welcoming place where they feel at home if possible.

Hospice Heuvelrug is located in residential center Heerewegen, and is part of Warande. It is located in a wooded area in Zeist.


In late 2010 I was approached by a member of the Hospice board that asked if I could upgrade their website and in consultation with a designer, a hosting provider and a photographer could adapt it to the new corporate identity that conveys a new impetus. Also the instruction said, it should become easier to manage the articles on the site by editors themselves, writing,(un-) publishing and editing. And finally, there was the desire for the three different groups of employees and the board to make an intranet to communicate with them on general Hospice affairs but also to share information on specific topics.


In early 2011, I converted their former static website to a dynamic and responsive CMS environment and added an intranet functionality.

The collaboration with a professional designer and the beautiful new pictures of Ellen's Photo Galleries have contributed to the desired house style and modern image for the site.

Since then I take care of the maintenance of the site like updates of the CMS, adding new functionality but also add/remove content and last but not least, coaching for the editorial person. And I work closely with the hosting provider to assure maximum up-time.


The website of Hospice Heuvelrug is an important window to the outside world.
On my request Jos Teunissen has really done a huge make over of the site. Both regarding navigation as well as the lay-out Jos has implemented numerous improvements.
From a static html site the new site has become dynamic so the maintenance of the content can now be done by our own staff.

The new website now plays a pivitol role in the relationship with our stakeholders.


Aloys Ter Steege,

board member Foundation Hospice Heuvelrug

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