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Kantoor vol EnergieKantoor vol Energie (KvE) is an initiative of Energiesprong. Energiesprong is the multi-innovation program for energy-neutral building. It is performed by _Platform31_ commissioned by the Ministry of Housing and National Services. Refurbishing offices to Energy Neutral contributes to the creation of market conditions to affordable and widely renovate existing offices into offices that conserve energy and provide energy. Owners, users, creators and inventors are working together on innovative solutions for the renovation of existing offices into beautiful, comfortable and durable offices, now and in the future. In order to achieve this, so-called front-runners CSR are being supported to make this step. For this the Excellent Expert Team develops tools to perform this transition optimally.

Since January 2014 I am connected to this wonderful initiative. Initially as a board member of CoreNet Global Benelux Chapter as member of the jury that selected the Excellent Expert Team (EET). Then KvE has asked all jurors to remain as "connector". I continue to fulfill that role until the end of my board member term at CoreNet Global Benelux Chapter, late December 2014.
The frequent contacts with KvE have created a bond that eventually has led to being asked together with Harm Boomsma, Inno-Experts in augmenting the EET with our specialist knowledge.

Inno-Experts and CRE&More have combined our knowledge, expertise, experience and joined forces and developed a framework that organizations shows how their ambitions of CSR and in particular energy neutrality (E0) have an impact on their bottom line.
For companies energy is a limited part of their cost / exploitation (1 to 2%), resulting in less strategically focus on it.
The bulk of the operating costs is related to the management, the primary processes of an organization. The successful execution of this primary process ultimately is the reason for existence of an organization. Housing costs make on average 10% of the total. In most cases, housing analysis are viewed from this 10% while an integrated approach considers the overall operations and therefore the total operating costs.

Housing should facilitate the primary processes as much as possible. If sustainable housing contributes to better facilitating these processes, the impact on the cost / revenue can be much greater than the energy savings and performance of the property separately. To achieve this, a housing strategy that controls the entire operation and thus all the relevant costs and revenues is required. For this it is necessary to gain insight into the primary processes of organizations so they can be optimally facilitated. In short, it is considered to be a sustainable business / economic issue.

The CSR leader where Inno-Experts and CRE & More lends it's expert knowledge to the EET is the ANWB. We have applied our Integral Business Case for CRE here.