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The Support Factory is a network organisation that works and thinks from a total solution in the field of support services.
Until 2018 I worked in a core team of five professionals, each a partner, with a combined experience of more than 140 years.

The team consisted of: Jan Pieter Klep, Juliette Vegter, Willem Hetebrij, Jolanda Jonker and Jos Teunissen.
Support Factory kernteam

The Support Factory (TSF) is a network organisation consisting of a solid core and flexible shell, with:

  • No-nonsense professionals;
  • A broad network and thorough knowledge of the market;
  • Knowledge of and experience with the complete package of support services;
  • the guts to be above average and share risks;
  • an independent position for independent advice;
  • the aim to achieve results for the client that matter.

The focus was on the support services within organizations such as:

  • Housing;
  • Facility Management;
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain Management;
  • Shared Services (Finance, HR and ICT).