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During LED Expo 2018 I will deliver a workshop about technological changes like Internet Of Things, Big Data, Sensoring, Smart Buildings, Mobile apps etc. that the FM Professional sees coming.
What the reactions to that can be, what pro's and con's there may be, what the influence on knowledge and experience is ad what my advice is to cope with, or better anticipate the changes
In short: The changing role of the facility manager in the smart building.

The question I will ask the visitors is Do you still see the trees in the floating forest?
Because there are quite a lot technological developments within the FM profession that are coming your way!

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At the end of the workshop attendees should be able, based on 6 advices, to see new opportunities instead of a floating forest.

LED Expo
Wednesday February 7th. 14:30 - 15:00 hour
Brabant Hallen, Diezekade 2, 5222 AK 's-Hertogenbosch