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&More, a series of services offered as products.

Companies these days are reluctant to engage service providers for an indefinit period or a project that may run longer than budgeted for. Scope-creep is a common complaint.

CRE & More addresses this need for clarity, certainty and controllability by offering services as products.
the beauty of this concept is that your organization gets an upfront fixed price for a clearly delimited and precisely defined delivery. In this way both parties know what they buy-in to: the delivery of the service has an ending and is delineated. 

The first of these products is:

&More - Portfolio inventory

Many organizations require a proper overview of their real estate obligations, the real estate value and the expiration dates of the agreements. That starts with having a complete and accurate overview of the portfolio with components like:
Property address
Type of property: owned, leased, rented
Leasehold Y/N
Special terms
Type of agreement: operating lease / finance lease
Contact details of owner and its contact person
Contact details building care takes and its contact person
Lease begin and end date
Notice period, termination date
Costs for real estate; aim is to show Total Cost of ownership

This seems simple but in practice quite often is not and requires a professional approach by an expert. There are undoubtedly valid reasons for the status quo but going forward the current situation is not sustainable. If your organization doesn't have the proper resources of cannot free them up for this assignment, you can engage CRE & More.

Upfront, in consultation with yourself, an estimation of the required time is made because the required time is dependent on the estimated size of the portfolio and the characteristics of the locations (where in The Netherlands, solely in The Netherlands or also outside the country). As a result we'll arrive at a fixed price and a turnaround time.
At this point there is a „go-no go” decision moment.
When you decide to continue than that is your solid commitment; nothing more, nothing less. This way you know exactly what this engagement will costs you and when it will be finished.

In this engagement I will make an inventory of the existing real estate agreements and the basic (but often hard to establish) information. Thus taking an initial step towards arriving at a manageable real estate portfolio.
The approach will be for me to start with desk research of the legal documents and possibly already present overviews. Next a further clarification and solidification will take place through interviews with Finance and Legal plus the care taker/landlord. 

Ultimately I will make an Excel overview with all relevant, current and up-to-date data and will review this with you prior to delivery and point out the urgent attention items. 
This is where the work stops!

Possible there are follow-on assignments resulting from this one. Gladly of course, but that is not the intent of a service as a product. 

Shortly other &More-products will be announced.

CRE & More wants to advise organizations with integrity and in an ethical way to help them improve their company results, starting from a Corporate Real Estate angle but advising based on the influence real estate has (or should have) on the entire company-wide strategic direction.

CRE & More
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