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Are you looking for someone that knows Management Information Systems (MIS) and Information Technologie (IT)?
Someone who understands The Internet of Things (IoT) and what a Smart Building is or can do for you?
Someone who can help you with the implementation of the use of Big Data and Data Visualization?

A good start is implementing an optimally designed digital environment that matches the existing and desired business processes with a solid IT infrastructure and management information systems in which you not only store your housing data but where you can retrieve the data. This data only becomes valuable if it can be converted into meaningful information and visualized in reports and / or dashboards relevant to you. Deciding becomes easier and is done on the basis of facts.

When choosing your automation solutions, I can support your company, based on knowledge and experience.
For example the choice of business intelligence and analysis software, a CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) / IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management Systems) / FMIS (Facility Management Information System).

You undoubtedly require someone that posesses at minimum the following qualities:

  • "Translate" user requirements to the IT-department and reversely the IT solutions to the users;
  • Make an inventory of business processes and following draft a package of requirements that will serve as the basis for a software package;
    • Or as an alternative, builds a system for you in excel based on that same information 
  • From querying the vendors in the market, determine what the Best Practices are and compare these with your own processes;
  • Perform a comparative product research with SWOT-analyses per solution and make recommendations based again on your specific situation;
  • Detail the financial implications of the choice(s) 
  • Internally "selling" of the solution, overcome objections and in that way achieve buy-in;
  • Deliver training and write any needed manuals for the software package and/or processes.

Through my combined knowledge of ICT, business operations and Corporate Real Estate I can offer you all above aspects, &More.
As lecturer MIS at the NHTV in Breda my knowledge in this field has broadened even further.

In field of IoT and Smart Buildings, I have published several articles between 2015 and now.

Do you want to find-out whether your project can be managed by me, please contact me for a detailed discussion about this specific case.