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Interim Management can be a strategic choice  of an organization whereby they make use of temporary (change) managers during an organization change process.
These tempporary managers can be recruited from their own ranks or can be hired externally.

The advantages of external resources is trifold:

  1. They know very clearly that their work in this setting is temporary and thus stops while expectations may have arisen over permanent management with internal interim professionals;
  2. It is likely that interim managers are open to the planned changes, while internal interrimmers possibly, try to maintain status quo because it is better for their 'normal' position in the company;
  3. Someone from outside the organization also brings a lot of new knowledge, experience and ideas which may be applied immediately during the change process.

A change manager can be tasked to lead the change process.
But a change manager may also, as part of the change process, be assigned to set up a new department and as soon as it is up-and-running help find a permanent manager and transition the role to this new person.
Interim Management can also be a temporary assignement due to prolonged absence of the internal manager (for example, due to illness or other temporary assignment elsewhere in the company).
In that case, the interim manager should realize that he/she so to speak "keeps the shop running".

Whatever format of interim management you need, CRE & More can and will be happy to support you in this.
The role of CRE & More in a change process can for example be structured as follows:

In consultation with HR and department heads, help staff in the transition process AND involve them in any changes in housing:

  • Changed work location
  • Other workplace concepts such as introducing desk sharing or working in open space
  • Internal moves
  • Organize communication like meetings or newsletters

Because each situation is different, the ultimate expectation that you have of CRE & More will likely also differ. We will determine the correct approach together with you.